Alex Monroe AKA Jewellery Genius

24 Oct

Tiny Bird Loop Earrings

Now, I am not usually the biggest fan of jewellery. I only regularly wear a few pieces that are of sentimental value to me; a Celtic ring from my Nan, a charm bracelet from my Mum and a pendant necklace from my boyfriend. I buy plenty of costume jewellery that takes my fancy on the high street but never bother to put it on, it makes me feel cluttered and I like to keep things simple. However, despite this, I have absolutely fallen in love with jewellery designer Alex Monroe.

This guy has me salivating all over his webpage as I paw through his elegant and beautiful designs, pulling inspiration from nature within every aspect of his art. Gold shaped into beautiful chrysanthemums, earrings act as tiny perches for miniature precious metal birds and bands of rings sculpted into rustic yet delicate little twigs.

Amongst all these items inspired by flora and fauna, there are also quirky little items in the shape of sailing boats and gingerbread men that have something quintessentially British about them, and I can imagine being sported by English style icons such as Ferne Cotton and Alexa Chung.

Fox Bracelet

I am so much in love with Alex Monroe, that he has even caused me to choose my ideal engagement ring from amongst his collection, a beautiful item he names the ‘Aquamarine Forest Ring’, which was the first item of his that I happened to stumble upon. This is quite a feat for Monroe, as the idea of matrimony makes me toes curl and the thought of an engagement ring has never crossed my mind!

Aquamarine Forest Ring

I certainly will be saving my pennies for one of his creations, and would like to thank Mr Monroe for creating beautiful pieces that have ignited in me a love for jewellery, and also inspired me to write my first blog post in over a year! Kudos.

Debbie x

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To Dye or not to Dye?

13 Jul

Mandy Moore, another serial colour hopper!

Its been eight weeks since I last had my hair done, and as I rely on the hairdresser to turn my locks into the lovely blonde colour that I currently sport, you can imagine how my roots look! If you cannot, let me give you an idea; it is something akin to Christina Aguilera in her “Dirrty” days.

Heres the thing, the only reason I have not made a trip to the salon for my regular cut and highlights, is that I am finding it unreasonably difficult to choose a hair colour. I have been a serial hair dye fiend since I first dyed my hair pink as a 13-year-old girl, and for life of me cannot remember what my natural colour is. Every couple of months I get bored with my hue and reach for the bottle again. This was until I made the mistake of attempting to go “Gwen Stefani” blonde at home, and my hair decided to break off and leave me with the worst Barnett I have ever sported in my entire life. Never again will I DIY dye.

I have kept my current sun-kissed tresses for more than 2 whole years. Quite the achievement for someone like me, and for many other girls who are addicted to the bottle I can imagine. But now I am getting the itch. The feeling that my hair is dull and going a seductive shade of brunette will be the perfect pick me up. But I know, a month down the line, I will not perceive my hair as a beautiful rich colour any longer, I will look upon it as muddy and bland. I will long to be blonde once again, and have to pay a hefty price tag to get to that hue! Along with quite a large chunk of my time, in fact the last time I gave in and became golden blonde from a vile shade of red, I spent a whole three hours in the hairdressers chair.

I am about to book an appointment, hopefully I come out of there without giving in to my whims and stick with only a slight change in my current color, and not have to suffer the consequences of my fickleness two months down the line. I will keep you updated, wish me luck.

Debbie x.

Lux it! An Online Shopping Community

6 Jul

If I would have said two weeks ago, that I couldn’t love online shopping any more than I do right now, then I would have been lying. I have recently been given ‘the’ shopping mecca for all fashionistas. ObviLux is a new and innovative shopping website that allows you to create and share looks, and earn rewards while you’re at it!

This amazing new website was created by a group of design students in San Fransisco, recognising that there was room in the world of technology for an online community with a focus on fashion and style. ObviLux allows me to send links of clothing items and beauty products I love to all of my friends, as well as reaching out to a wider community through suggesting I follow people who have similar styles as my own.

ObviLux makes it easy to link the items I like from shopping websites, onto the ObviLux website, although it is also good fun to just browse the items already favoured by other users and see which items and styles are popular. And what makes it even more appealing, is that the more items you “Lux” from a certain brand, the more points you gain. The person with the most points for one particular brand gets to be their ‘Store Ambassador’. I myself will be battling it out for this role for Urban Outfitters.

ObviLux has already made quite a good impression on me so far, and I’m sure it will be fast growing and get even better over time. Although the last thing I really needed is for online shopping to be made EASIER! Sorry bank account.

Debbie x.

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Nicola Roberts- New Style Crush

15 Jun

I have an exciting new addition to my list of my favourite stylish celbrities. Nicola Roberts, former member of Girls Aloud, has come a long way since the days of bad fake tan and ill fitting boot-cut jeans. Her style now is something to behold; not afraid to mix colours, textures and patterns, she really manages to set herself apart from the crowd.

I have always favoured the more quirky styling of celebs such as Alexa Chung and Kirsten Dunst, i’m not a huge fan of the glamorous Hollywood style which dominates many a stars wardrobe choices. Nicola Roberts is bringing a more fun twist on the quirky style, bringing in a touch of youth and playfulness that it makes it more interesting than the slightly more conservative choices made by the likes of Alexa and Kirsten.

Her style choices have changed of late, she had previously chosen more traditionally glamorous attire during her Girls Aloud days, still incredibly stylish and managing to get on the front row of every major fashion show. But this style overhaul she has had for her solo career seems to have done the trick for me, as her more daring choices have made her much more memorable.

Her overall look is completed with her doll-like complexion and her enviable ombre style red locks. She even has her own make-up range for those who have incredibly pale skin such as herself. Nicola Roberts is definitely one to watch in the style stakes even if her solo music as left me a little underwhelmed thus far. Hopefully we get to see more from her this year.

Debbie x.

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Excuses and Birthdays

15 Jun


I have been unable to post recently because of a few things getting in my way, so here come the excuses;

Firstly I have been away for the week visiting family and have not been able to have much alone time with my laptop. It was worth it though, had a wonderful time skipping between my hometown of Bromsgrove and the wonderful Leeds where my brothers live. I wish I lived there myself, such an amazing city, with so many things to do and see, namely my favourite restaurant, Little Tokyo’s. I could quite literally eat their Japanese food every day for the rest of my life.

Secondly, my email account had been hacked! And it took nearly two whole weeks to gain access to it again. Quite a nuisance, especially when I have some quite important emails in there.

Thirdly, I get back to my student residence, and the internet is not working due to flooding in the main university building. I don’t know how i coped those three days without even checking my facebook. I’m a bit behind the times you see, and am yet to get a phone that you can access the internet on, let alone a smart phone!

Thirdly, and most importantly, it was my birthday yesterday! Had a lovely time spending the day with my boyfriend, and celebrations carry on tonight.

So that article that has been sitting in my drafts for two weeks about the worlds oldest working model turning eighty is not so topical anymore, but I will still post it tommorow, making myself look sadly behind the times.

Debbie x

Rhianna in New York

29 May

Whilst perusing the internet today I stumbled across some papparazzi photos of Rhianna in New York, and she looked as amazing as always. Her on stage costumes are perhaps too garish for the likes of you and me, and all the better for it. However, what she was wearing in these pictures could also only be pulled off by very few, it seems her personal style is just as appealing to me as her flamboyant show outfits.

Simply dressed in a very flattering maxi dress and Vans deck shoes, she manages to look effortlessly glamorous whilst still maintaining an element of youthful playfulness. I must say, I am not a fan of the denim Prada bag (or any denim handbag for that matter), but she manages to make it work. I myself am a girl lacking in height, and I could never pull off a maxi dress with flats, otherwise I would be going out and shamefully buying a similar outfit myself.

Rhianna’s style has never really been on my celeb radar, she oozes glamour and sex appeal, and these qualities do not appeal to my own taste in clothing. However this quirky outfit has changed my mind, and I most certainly will be keeping an eye on her fashion choices from now one.

Debbie x.

Pictures courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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Moschino Cheap & Chic A/W 2011/2012

25 May

Every season when the Milan fashion week photos are released, I inevitably will end up poring over the Moschino Cheap & Chic collection first. I am a huge fan of the Moschino name as a whole, forever retaining and re-inventing Franco Moschino’s legacy of fashion being frivolous and fun, and not to be taken seriously, (much to the dismay to other designers during his hay-day). This seasons collection is just that; the epitome of young and flirty.

This years autumn/winter collection has not let me down. Yet another youthful collection of glamorous, fun and flirty pieces that make me start to re-think my entire wardrobe. This time around there is a distinct cosmopolitan vibe to the clothes, with the garments fitting in with the style of each of the fashion capitals; including a tee-shirt dress emblazoned with a bright red London phone box and a brilliantly cocky Parisian themed tee-shirt with ‘Bourgeoise’ printed across the front. The procession storming down the runway was split into four distinct categories, yet the entre show flowed really well.

This collection is so diverse in each garments design, yet keeps a solid theme throughout. There is an endless list of different textiles, fabric manipulations and adornments; fur, cable knits, sequins, lace, rufffles, beads and leather to name a few. It’s more of a lifestlye that is represented in the garments, than a particular theme. A lifestyle that is the aspirational dream for many young ladies, and i’m first in line! Cheap & Chic have never disappointed me, and this season it seems, is no exception.

Debbie x.

Camera Obscura- Thoroughly Vintage, Brilliantly Charming

23 May

Traceyanne and Carey

I have long been a fan of the little known Scottish band, Camera Obscura. Some would say I am perhaps a little obsessed, but what do they know? The five piece band create some of the beautiful, yet sombre music I have ever heard. But you will have to look that up yourself because i’m here to talk about their equally spectacular fashion choices.

In they’re promotional images I have always seen them in head to toe vintage regalia, looking effortlessly cool and classy all at once. The guys; Gavin, Lee and Kenny, all look as suave as Sinatra himself in tailored suits, customised with trilby hats and pocket handkerchiefs. And the ladies; Carey and the enigmatic Traceyanne Campbell look absolutely beautiful in 50’s and 60’s frocks any hipster would instantly have wardrobe envy for.

Front woman Traceyanne is the standout contributor to the overall twee image the band has achieved. I have been to see them peform twice thus far, and both times she looked like she had stepped out of a black and white photo from the 1960’s. First time she had an adorable pink mini dress complete with swan brooch, t-bar shoes and her hair reminicent of the original Mary Quant “Vidal sassoon” bob. The second time around the look had become a little more grown up with a mod look, with cropped black trousers, striped long sleeved top and black loafers. Her trademark swan brooch still in place.

If you are a lover of all thing vintage and retro, I suggest you look them up. No doubt you will fall in love instantly, and I will be seeing you at their next UK tour!

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